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Pirates Vs. Phillies, Game 3: Philadelphia, Vance Worley Hope To Take Opening Series Against Pittsburgh

The Philadelphia Phillies have already used up their two strongest guns in their season-opening series with the Pittsburgh Pirates, and the results were a 1-1 start to the season. On Sunday, the Phillies hope their starting pitching dominance (two earned runs in two games) continues as Vance Worley opposes the Pirates James McDonald (1:35 p.m. on PHL 17).

On Saturday, despite a solid effort from Cliff Lee, who allowed one run in six innings, Philadelphia fell to Pittsburgh, 2-1, in 10 innings. Lee's performance wasn't as impressive on Roy Halladay's start the day before, a eight-inning, no-run, five-strike out performance that helped the Phillies earn a 1-0 victory.

The two dominant starts by Lee and Halladay sets the stage for Worley, who ended last season 11-3 with a 3:03 ERA, while McDonald went 9-9 with a 4.21 ERA in his first full major league season.

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