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Phillies Manager, Charlie Manuel Suspended One Game

According to Ken Rosenthal, of Fox and Fox Sports, Philadelphia Phillies manager, Charlie Manuel has been suspended for a game.

Baseball suspends #Phillies manager Charlie Manuel for one game stemming from incident that led to his ejection by Bob Davidson on Tuesday

Deadspin has more on the ejection, and the heated confrontation between Manuel and Davidson:

Davidson initially responded to Manuel's complaint with the very professional "You think I wanted to block his [expletive]?" then tossed Manuel before the skipper could even get out of the Phillies dugout. The ensuing argument features what appears to be several instances of Davidson screaming, "[expletive] you, Charlie!"

This marks the second time this season that Charlie Manuel has been ejected from a Phillies game.

Bob Davidson was also suspended for his part in the incident. MLB disagreed with his "situation handling."

Umpire Bob Davidson has received a one-game suspension for his repeated violations of the Office of the Commissioner's standards for situation handling, Major League Baseball announced today.

The Phillies are 20-19 on the season.

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