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MLB All-Star Game Voting: The Phillies Need Your Help

Carlos Ruiz and the Phillies need the help of Philadelphia fans if they're going to start in the 2012 All-Star Game.

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Not much has gone right for the Philadelphia Phillies in 2012, and so far, that's been reflected in the 2012 MLB All-Star Game voting.

If the voting ended today, no member of the Phillies would be starting at any position. Of course, Philadelphia's normal duo of contenders, Ryan Howard and Chase Utley, have been shelved all season so far due to injury.

Carlos Ruiz currently ranks fourth in voting among National League catchers. Ruiz trails Yadier Molina, who is the leading vote getter at the position, Buster Posey and Brian McCann. Ruiz is nearly 600,000 votes behind Molina, so he'll certainly need a huge boost from Phillies fans in order to get himself into the mix properly.

In the outfield, Hunter Pence is No. 11 among vote getters with 446,460 , and Shane Victorino is No. 15, with 373,034. Both would need a huge surge to get into the starting mix, as Matt Kemp, Carlos Beltran and Ryan Braun, the top three vote getters in the outfield, all have over 1.1 million votes to their names.

It is quite possible, if not likely, that Ruiz will at the least make the team as a reserve. Phillies fans can probably expect to see Cole Hamels in the All-Star game as well.

Fans have until June 28 to cast their ballots for the game, and can do so here.

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