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Phillies May Be Looking To Sell If Injuries Continue, According To Report

The struggles of the Philadelphia Phillies have folks around the league talking. Some baseball execs are wondering if the Phillies will move into sell mode if they're not healthy and on the right track by July, according to a report from the NY Post (via MLB Trade Rumors). Chase Utley and Ryan Howard, two key parts of the Phillies offense as well as the infield, have yet to play in the 2012 season. Freddy Galvis, who was the replacement for Utley, is also out, Roy Halladay is out with an injury to his right shoulder, and Jose Contreras is missing time with an elbow injury.

With a $172 million dollar payroll and a last-place 31-36 record to show for it, some see Philadelphia looking to make some moves if they can't turn things around soon.

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