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Curt Schilling Takes Leave From ESPN

Curt Schilling might be in the toughest jam of his professional life, and unfortunately for him it has nothing to do with baseball.

Schilling is taking a leave of absence from ESPN after watching his video gaming company, 38 Studios, go bankrupt, according to

It was announced by ESPN spokesman Mike Soltys that they and the ex-Phillies star mutually agreed to take some time away from the network while he works through some serious business troubles.

Schilling was given a $75 million loan guarantee deal from the state of Rhode Island, and is now being looked into by both federal and state authorities.

It's a tough blow for Schilling to take, considering how much time and financial backing was invested in this failed endeavor. While nobody knows how much money was truly sunk into the company, Schilling was only able to produce one game before it all went belly-up.

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