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Jim Thome's Walkoff HR Tonight Was Profitable

Jim Thome's pinch hit, walk off HR in the bottom of the ninth gave the Phillies a 7-6 win over the Tampa Bay Rays Saturday night. His blast came just a half inning after Phils closer Jonathan Papelbon had blown his first save of the year giving up 2 runs in the top of the 9th.


Papelbon was apparently so upset that he walked into the dugout between innings and offered anyone who hit a walkoff to win the game $5,000. Jim Thome was inserted as a pinch hitter (for Papelbon ironically) to lead off the bottom of the ninth and one swing later Papelbon pulled out his checkbook and paid up.


With $50 million guaranteed on his contract, I'm guessing Papelbon considers the $5k money well spent to avoid the feeling of losing the game. In fact, as a the last pitcher of record for the Phils, Pap picked up the win.