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Why Can't Cliff Lee Win?

@FakeWIPCaller on why Cliff Lee is showing he's not the winner we thought he was

Another Philadelphia athlete who smiles even though he's losing
Another Philadelphia athlete who smiles even though he's losing

Cliff Lee lost again on Tuesday. He was the losing pitcher in a 2-1 loss to the Dodgers, striking out 12 batters while walking only one, but it wasn't enough.

The loss dropped Lee's record to 0-3. So despite an ERA of 3.00 and 54 strikeouts to 10 walks, this supposedly elite pitcher remains winless on the year.

Yes, that's right. It's June 6, and the $25 million man has zero wins. Zero.

He's last on the team in wins.

Even Joe Blanton has four.

I know, most fans are saying Lee has been unlucky, that the team has give him little run support, and that a pitcher of his caliber deserves better.

But please. Those are excuses.

If Cliff Lee were really as great a pitcher as he's supposed to be, he'd have at least one win. Period.

The most important stat for a pitcher is wins, because that's how the game is measured. Don't let those stat geeks in their mothers' basements tell you otherwise. Strikeouts and ERA don't win championships, wins do.

Are we supposed to get angry at the hitters for not scoring runs for Lee?

Guess what- great pitchers inspire hitters to score runs for them, especially in important spots. We're supposed to feel sorry for Lee because he gave up two runs and lost? If Lee wants to be a winner, he needs to give up NO runs.

I've had my doubts about Lee for awhile now, ever since he coughed up that four-run lead in Game 2 against St. Louis and singlehandedly cost the Phillies the series. Sure, most fans were ready to forgive him- but what would they say now, if they knew Lee would still be winless the following June?

If this continues, the Phils really won't have any choice but to trade Lee. I'm sure Seattle would love to have him back, and if Ruben doesn't call up the Rangers and offer Lee straight up for Josh Hamilton, he's crazy. After all, they need his money for Cole Hamels.

In the meantime, the Phils shouldn't have too much trouble replacing Lee with a starter who knows how to win, like Kyle Kendrick.

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- Get well, Angelo, and get back on the air soon. I just can't muster the strength to follow local sports with only Al and Rhea to guide me.

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