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Cole Hamels Trade Rumors: Phillies Preparing Major Offer

The Philadelphia Phillies are preparing to make a major offer to Cole Hamels in hopes of signing the pitcher to an extension before the MLB trade deadline on July 31, sources tell Jayson Stark of

With Matt Cain signing a five-year, $112 million contract with the San Francisco Giants and the Phillies themselves signing Cliff Lee to a five-year, $120 million deal, Hamels stands to make a substantial amount of money. While the dollar amount may not be a problem, the length of the contract might. The Phillies had never signed any pitcher for five years before Lee, and are wary of signing Hamels for the six years or more year he may command on an open market.

The Phillies are seemingly positive they can get a deal done, despite little indication that the two sides have been making much progress in contract negotiations. Hamels has said that he would like to return to the Phillies, but with the team floundering there is still a chance the two parties part ways.

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