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Cliff Lee Trade Rumors: Phillies Not Interested In Trading Starting Pitcher

The Philadelphia Phillies have opted to not trade starting pitcher Cliff Lee, according to a report by CBS Sports. A reason for the decision to not trade Lee was to keep their pitching staff together long term after recently signing Cole Hamels to an extension:

One person with ties to the Phillies said team higherups believe trading Lee would potentially undo most or all the good that was done by extending Cole Hamels and that the team's plan is to build around its trio of great starters, including also Roy Halladay, next year. The Phillies also gave themselves an outside chance this year with their riveting three-game sweep of the fading Brewers.

Another reason that Lee is not going to be traded was due to his contract, as Lee is guaranteed approximately $97 million through 2015.

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro was asked about the trade status of Lee on Friday, but he only offered a generic response about improving his club with no mention of Lee or any other players.

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