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Tonight Is Hunter Pence Bobblehead Night At The Phillies Game

It's been three weeks since outfielder Hunter Pence last wore a Philadelphia Phillies uniform, so why is Tuesday "Hunter Pence Bobblehead Night" at Citizens Bank Park? That's because planning for a bobblehead night happens months in advance, and unfortunately when you order thousands of dolls, which are already in production, it's tough to cancel the order, Phillies Director of Merchandising Scott Brandreth told CBS Philly recently.

It’s on our schedule. We’ve told people that we were going to give it out and a lot of people have bought tickets for the game to get the item. And you know what? It’s a collector’s item anyway even as it is. And now, maybe a little bit more of a collector’s item.

Pence is now a part of the San Francisco Giants as the two teams agreed to a trade just before the July 31 MLB trade deadline. But despite the transaction, Phillies fans still are interested in snagging a Pence bobblehead, says Brandreth.

"He played here for, I guess a solid year, and he was a big part of the 102 wins a year ago. So, I think people still like him and they wish him well. So it’s a little collector’s piece of a small piece of Phillies history."

So, if you're at Citizens Bank Park tonight and claim a Pence bobblehead make sure, years from now, to remember the history of your souvenir.

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