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Hunter Pence Sends Message To Phillies Fans On His Bobblehead Night

It is Hunter Pence bobblehead night in Philadelphia on Tuesday, Hunter Pence, however, is now a member of a the Giants. Regardless of that fact, bobblehead night must go on, because once a bobblehead night is planned there’s no stopping it. This could make for an awkward situation, but Pence and the Phillies have handled the moment with class.

Pence sent the following message to Phillies fans, which they will receive on an index card with their bobbleheads:

Thanks, Phillies fans, for the great memories. I’m glad my Bobble Figurine will still be given out even though I’m no longer in Philadelphia. I hope it will serve as a lasting reminder of my time there. It was a year of my career that I will never forget." – Hunter Pence

The bobbleheads will be passed out prior to Tuesday's game in which the Phillies will try to take their second straight game against the Reds with Cliff Lee (2-7, 3.83) on the mound. Cincinnati will start Homer Bailey (10-8, 4.16).

Since leaving the Phillies, Pence has struggled in San Francisco, hitting only .211 in his 19 games with the Giants.

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