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Is Jrue Holiday ready to take the next step? Jrue Holiday performed well last season and displayed the makings of a top point guard during the playoffs when he averaged 15.8 points per game with 5.2 assists. Is he ready to continue that kind of production this season?

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

Jrue Holiday had a solid -- but far from spectacular -- regular season a year ago. Among point guards, he was 10th in the league in points per game (13.5), 19th in field goal percentage (.432), 23rd in assists per game (4.5) and just 35th in assist-to-turnover ratio (2.15). He also made bad decisions at times -- his fondness for the errant jump pass or the untimely turnover frequently aggravated Doug Collins, as well as the fans -- and he was often reluctant to be the primary option when the Sixers needed a quick bucket.

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