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Should the Phillies re-sign Shane Victorino? Sports: Should the Phillies consider re-signing some familiar names from the past such as Ryan Madson or Shane Victorino? Would you agree with a move like that?

Jeff Zelevansky

The Phillies have gone backward in each season since and to use words like "stagnant" and "complacent" to describe the team and their core players isn't exactly uncharted territory. And that's probably why any thoughts of reconstructing the Phillies roster for the 2013 season with players from the 2008 team who have since departed might sound counterproductive or a tad crazy.

An influx of new blood - young players on the rise who haven't won before - is often the more acceptable way to improve a roster. But three former Phillies who became free agents this week wouldn't look that terrible in red pinstripes again if the price is right.

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