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Who will succeed Andy Reid in Philadelphia?

Andy Reid is on the hot seat in Philadelphia. Who will replace him if he gets fired?

Jeff Zelevansky

The question of who will be the next head coach in Philadelphia is out there, but to this point no possible answer can be called a definite with Andy Reid still manning the sideline.

At 3-5, it seems very doubtful that Reid will be back next season sans a serious turnaround and a run to the playoffs, but then again anything is possible.

Jeff McLane of writes about this issue and more to the point, who can fill Reid's shoes once he moves on or is ousted by management.

One man McLane discusses is Jon Gruden. Gruden of course won a Super Bowl back in 2002 for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, beating the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship Game to do so. The 50-year-old coach was also an assistant coach for Philadelphia back in the 1990's as the offensive coordinator.

Other coaches put into the conversation are also thought of highly such as Brian Billick, Bill Cowher and Sean Payton.