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Philadelphia should have disclosed Andrew Bynum's status sooner

The 76ers announced Andrew Bynum's return to the court would be delayed, but only after denying there was any update last week.


The Philadelphia 76ers announced Andrew Bynum may not return until January on Monday, but at least one 76ers beat writer doesn't understand why Philadelphia didn't disclose the update sooner.

Bob Cooney of said the 76ers were asked for updates on Bynum's recovery twice last week but were told there was no update both times. The release sent out by the team on Monday said Bynum had an MRI on November 5. Cooney struggled to find an answer to why that update wasn't given when asked last week.

Didn't the Sixers know on Wednesday and Friday after the MRI what the results were? We asked for an update and told there wasn't any. Why? Why did it take a ton of emails from fans and being questioned in the paper before the truth came out? It's all just so silly. Are they not saying anything because Bynum's team (doctor, agent, etc.) doesn't want the truth coming out? Are they afraid of the fan's reaction to what the MRI revealed, that Bynum probably won't be on the court in uniform until somewhere around the holidays at the earliest?

Instead, by choosing to remain silent, Cooney said the organization only fuels speculation. With very little information available to media and fans, questions run rampant. Did the Sixers trade for damaged goods? Is Bynum sitting out as a result of the bone bruise he suffered in September?

As Cooney noted, the Sixers don't have anything to lose in the situation. The trade which brought Bynum to Philadelphia proved to be a win for the 76ers by addition through subtraction. Monday's release was a start, but there are still a lot of questions yet to be answered.