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Sixers need to win their games at home

The Philadelphia 76ers have struggled to win games at home this season, a recipe that cannot continue to occur.

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

The Philadelphia 76ers lost at home to the then-winless Detroit Pistons 94-76 on Wednesday night. Although it is early in the season, columnist John Smallwood points out that this early trend cannot continue for the Sixers this season.

Smallwood argues that Philadelphia needs to win these games at homes against inferior opponents because the team has little margin for error, especially with center Andrew Bynum out until January. The 76ers went 9-1 early last season against teams that mostly did not make the playoffs, and that eight-game cushion helped them down the stretch.

Coach Doug Collins wants his team to have home-court advantage at the Wells-Fargo Center. The team only went 15-26 at home his first season as coach, but went 19-14 in the lockout-shortened season last year. Combined with their loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia is 0-2 to start their five-game home stand and 1-3 on the season overall.

The Sixers are hoping to make noise in the playoffs this season, and need to beat lesser teams at home to help their eventual playoff position.