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Filed under: Nnamdi Asomugha wants to stay with Eagles

Nnamdi Asomugha, the Eagles' embattled former Pro Bowl cornerback, said he understands the criticism that's been pointed his way, and 'believes in the team,' writes's Zach Berman.

Patrick McDermott

Nnamdi Asomugha was once widely considered the premier cornerback in the NFL. Since joining the Philadelphia Eagles before last season in a massive free-agent deal, he's become a part of the disappointment in Philly. Despite it all, writer Zach Berman reports, Asomugha says, "I absolutely believe in the decision I made and believe in this team."

Because of his contract and his previous status as one of the NFL's elite cornerbacks, Asomugha has seen his play come under scrutiny. Opposing teams have not shied away from targeting him. He also has been part of communication gaffes, including one in Sunday's loss to the Redskins. Asomugha said fans are "just" for having high expectations of him, and he maintains higher expectations of himself.

"If a fan has an issue with [how things have gone], they're not going to get me saying that's wrong," Asomugha said. "As a fan, I can look back to teams that I've liked . . . and getting upset about that. So I can't be that guy and look at them and say, 'You can't be upset that we haven't won even though I haven't been Superman on the field,' even though that's what's expected of me."

The article is worth a read, especially for those who continue to lambast him, since Asomugha has long been one of the most thoughtful and eloquent players in the league.