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Andy Reid likely facing tough ending to Eagles career

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Andy Reid has been with the team since 1999, and perhaps none of his seasons have been worse than this one.

Rob Carr

It's been an extremely tough year both on and off the field for longtime Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid.

Of course, tragedy occurred during training camp when his son, Garrett, took his own life. Then the regular season started with so much promise and so many expectations, only to fall flat for a second year in a row.

Phil Sheridan wrote an excellent column that's featured on, talking about exactly what went wrong for Reid and his team. A few excepts from the piece:

One of the reasons Reid was hired in 1999 was his famous binder full of football. He had a remarkably detailed plan for building a successful program.

But that binder didn't cover Year 8, Year 10, Year 13.

Most coaches don't last more than few years in any given city, but Reid has been able to sustain success for more than a decade; until now, that is. In recent weeks, it appears as though the players are beginning to tune him out.

With Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy on the shelf, it will likely continue to get worse before anything gets better.

It's a tough way to go out for Reid, who really should be remembered for all the great things he did.