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Why did the Eagles release Jason Babin?

New, 1 comment columnist Marcus Hayes attempts to figure out the reasoning behind Jason Babin's release.

Rich Schultz

The Philadelphia Eagles released defensive end Jason Babin earlier this week, despite Babin being the team leader in sacks. The Jacksonville Jaguars were awarded Babin's services, but eight teams put in claims for the defensive end, proving that other teams still believe he has value. Then why did his release come as little surprise to his fellow Eagles players?

Marcus Hayes of addressed this issue in his latest column. The Eagles had the option to limit his snaps or simply bench him if they wanted young players to receive more playing time, but their outright dismissal of Babin suggests a deeper meaning.

Hayes suggests that Babin simply did not fit in with the rest of the roster, writing:

In the locker room, teammates generally ignored Babin's brand of wry humor and intellectual jousting.

Hayes also argues that Babin did not relish being a member of the team, and simply attempted to disrupt the quarterback, no matter the cost to the rest of the team:

All along, he acted as a single star, not part of a constellation. He was a locker-room lawyer of the worst kind; a me-first, me-last, self-absorbed bully who inexplicably spent an inordinate amount of time shirtless.

Whatever the reason behind his release, the Eagles will need to find production rushing the passer from someone else the rest of the season.