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Eagles fans can watch possible picks on Saturday

The 2012 season has been a real disappointment for the Eagles, but what pieces should they look to add in 2013?


The Philadelphia Eagles are 3-8, which means that some fans are already turning their attention to the 2013 NFL Draft, which is in May. Peter Mucha at has a few ideas of who the Eagles should be looking at.

As he points out, this weekend is a good chance for fans to watch college prospects live in action. The Georgia-Alabama SEC Championship game promises to be especially fruitful. Here's Mucha's take on one particular prospect:

Cornerback Dee Milliner, 6-foot-1, 196 pounds. Alabama (plays SEC Championship game Saturday, 4 p.m., CBS.) For the Eagles, "early picks will probably go to the OL or defensive secondary," argues, projecting the Birds to have the third-overall pick. ". . . Rewind 18 months and no one would have dreamt that would be the case. A CB group of Samuel, Asomugha and Rodgers-Cromartie? A D coordinator's dream, right? Well Samuel's gone, and it's possible that both DRC (free agent) and Asomugha (trade bait) could be too." More cautious is McShay, who ranks Milliner as the 11th best prospect. Despite exceptional instincts, he's "not an elite playmaker at this point," McShay says.

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