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2011 first-rounder Danny Watkins turning into draft bust for Eagles

From Jeff McLane of The Philadelphia Eagles drafted offensive guard Danny Watkins in the first round in 2011, but the 27-year-old has done little and has been dealing with nagging ankle injuries.

Chris Trotman

With Watkins, it’s too early to label the offensive lineman a bust, even if he turns 28 in two days. But in his first 18 games, the guard has shown little to suggest he is of Pro Bowl caliber, which is the bar teams often set for interior linemen selected so high.

Adding intrigue to Watkins’ standing is an ankle that Reid called "chronic" Oct. 26 after he missed his first two practices of the season because of the injury. Reid said it was an injury Watkins had for years, one he said he knew about before the draft.

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