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The Eagles have quit on Andy Reid again

From Phil Sheridan at The Eagles have quit on Andy Reid for the second straight season.

Rich Schultz

The 2011 Eagles quit on Andy Reid, and now the 2012 Eagles have quit on Andy Reid. Maybe this time, Jeffrey Lurie will recognize it. Last year, fooled by four no-pressure wins against bad teams, Lurie did not. When he explained sticking with Reid for another season, a major reason was that, in his opinion, the team kept playing hard for him.

It was a mirage, and now it has been blown away for good. These Eagles watched all three NFC East rivals lose on Sunday. They were handed an opportunity to get back to .500, gain ground in the division and wild-card races, and restore meaning to this season. They faced a 2-5 Saints team with no running game and a historically bad defense.

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