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Eagles could boast dynamic backfield in 2013

Bryce Brown's electric play in Week 12 highlights what could be a dynamic backfield in 2013 for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Matt Sullivan

Though 2012 may go down as a lost season for the Philadelphia Eagles, and the season that ends up costing Andy Reid his job, there are a few bright spots in an otherwise dismal year. Bryce Brown is one of those bright spots.

Filling in for an injured LeSean McCoy in Week 12, Brown carried the ball 19 times for a staggering 178 yards (9.4 yards per carry average), and two touchdowns. Brown also added four receptions for 11 yards.

No matter how you slice it, Brown's performance was electric, and gives Eagles fans hope for the future.'s Paul Domowitch wrote about how potent a two-back system of McCoy and Brown could be in 2013 -- and how McCoy and Brown will spoil the next head coach of the Eagles.

Per Domowitch, Eagles center Jason Kelce, currently on injured reserve, is a fan of the two-back system:

"It makes it more difficult for defenses to key on them when you've got two guys with different styles. Shady's more like a Barry Sanders. He's going to make things happen that aren't supposed to happen on a play. He's going to make guys miss.

"Whereas Bryce, as soon as that hole opens, he's in there. He's powerful. Having those two different contrasts makes a different dynamic for a defense to prepare for. So I think they complement each other very well."

Domowitch's article is well worth the read, and highlights what Philadelphia's offense in 2013 could look like, though, a lot depends on who the Eagles bring in to replace Andy Reid with.