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Phillies running out of moves to make

From Matt Gelb of The Philadelphia Phillies have Ben Revere, but there's not much else out there left for them to grab after a quiet offseason.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Their new present, a speedy, defensive-minded centerfielder, was unwrapped on a day of seismic shifts in the baseball world. The Phillies, for now, are relegated to watching.

"I know they'll make moves," Revere said.

The options are dwindling. Josh Hamilton was never a serious one; the Phillies were always interested but not comfortable guaranteeing more than three years. It's unclear whether an offer was ever actually made. That left them decidedly on the periphery when the Los Angeles Angels stunned everyone Thursday with a five-year, $125 million agreement.

The top corner outfielder is off the market. Nick Swisher and Cody Ross could soon follow. The Phillies are wary of offering more than three guaranteed years to any player above 30. Signing Swisher would cost the Phillies the No. 16 pick in June's draft.

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