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The Phillies should add Nick Swisher

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One writer thinks the Phillies should pursue Nick Swisher.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies have been actively improving their roster this off-season, adding Ben Revere and Michael Young through trades. The front office also extended an offer to Josh Hamilton, who chose to sign with the Los Angeles Angels instead. writer Ed Rendell is still excited for the Phillies next season, and wants Ruben Amaro Jr. to continue to look for an improvement in the outfield. In particular, Rendell thinks Philadelphia should sign Nick Swisher:

The potential answer - and a much cheaper one - may be Nick Swisher. He is still unsigned and I believe he would hit at least 30 homers playing 81 games at The Bank. Additionally, he is a good (not great) rightfielder, hustles his tail off, and is a terrific leader in the clubhouse.

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