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The ongoing impact of Garrett Reid Sports: With the newest information that Garrett Reid had steroids in his dorm room at the time of his death, Phil Sheridan analyzes the impact of Reid's decisions on the Eagles franchise.

Brian Garfinkel

It was obviously a terrible idea to have Garrett Reid around the team. It didn't prevent the worst possible outcome for him and for his family, and it raises uncomfortable and ugly questions about his access to the players.

Eagles' owner Jeffrey Lurie, in a prepared statement, said Garrett Reid's activity "runs counter to the values and principles mandated for everyone associated with our organization."

Strong words, except that none of those activities was new. Reid's history of drug addiction, steroid possession, and prison time would have disqualified anyone else on the planet from a job around an NFL team. But we're not talking about anyone else on the planet. We're talking about Andy Reid's son.

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