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Nick Foles can be as successful as other rookie QBs Sports: Sam Donnellon looks at why the quarterbacks of the 2012 draft class are having instant success.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Parallels have been made between this crop of quarterbacks and that famous 1983 class, when Dan Marino, John Elway and Jim Kelly were among six quarterbacks taken in the first round alone. But while that group trumps this group in overall status - Foles, after all, was a third-round pick, and Cousins was considered by some evaluators as overvalued when Washington chose him in the fourth - only Marino and Elway made it to the playoffs their rookie season.

So why the instant success?

"It might have to do with how the college offenses are now," Brent Celek said. "When I was at Cincy, we were kind of running the same type of offense that I'm running here. So it was easy for me to transition. And I think for some of these quarterbacks, maybe they're using some of the stuff they used in college or it's the same system. West Coast system is West Coast system. Coming from college to here, it was easy for me. Real easy."

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