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Who will be the next Philadelphia Eagles quarterback?'s Jeff McLane breaks down who the Eagles could pursue as their next quarterback.

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Not only will the Philadelphia Eagles be shopping for a new coach this offseason, they may also be shopping for a new quarterback.

With Michael Vick struggling this season (and hurt), and Nick Foles not sharp so far in his rookie campaign, the Eagles might look at April's NFL Draft to find a replacement. Or free agency. Or a trade. Who should it be? Jeff McLane of gave a breakdown of who could be the next quarterback in Philadelphia.

As far as college quarterbacks go, USC's Matt Barkley could be an option -- if the Eagles keep losing games:

Some had projected Matt Barkley as a top-10 pick had he come out last draft, but he returned for his senior season at Southern California and took a slight step back in the eyes of some scouts. He'll probably end up being the first quarterback taken, but Barkley isn't seen as a slam dunk anymore. He's got decent size (6-foot-2, 230 pounds), but an average arm.

McLane also listed West Virginia's Geno Smith, Arkansas' Tyler Wilson and a slew of second-tier quarterbacks (Florida State's E.J. Manuel, Georgia' Aaron Murray) as options.

McLane also threw out some potential trades. For example, maybe the best fit would be to try to acquire San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith, who is now the backup to Colin Kaepernick:

With a franchise running back and a strong defense, Alex Smith can win you games. The Eagles, as currently constructed, have only one of those two ingredients. With the ascension of Colin Kaepernick in San Francisco, the 49ers may be looking to unload what's left on the three-year, $24 million extension Smith signed in March. Smith could be a one-year stopgap if the Eagles think Foles needs time. Of course, if Foles isn't ready by Year 2 there may be no point in waiting.

The Eagles' free agent options are even slimmer, with players such as Matt Moore and Jason Campbell expected to be available. Baltimore's Joe Flacco may be available, but he'll most likely receive a franchise tag, if not a new contract, according to McLane.

But hey, what about that Michael Vick guy?

As crazy as it sounds, retaining Vick may be the Eagles' best chance next season if they want to contend for the playoffs. It's highly unlikely to happen. The Eagles probably won't be willing to pay him, at $16 million, and Vick may not be inclined to take a pay cut. But he's 33, coming off a concussion, and likely won't have many suitors.