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Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb struggled after breakup

Neither Andy Reid or Donovan McNabb have had much success since parting ways almost three years ago.

Andy Lyons

Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb were constants on the Philadelphia Eagles sidelines for years before a trade sent McNabb out of town almost three years ago. Neither of the pair has experienced much success since splitting apart.

McNabb retired after flaming out with the Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings, while Reid is expected to lose his job as head coach sometime soon. Still, writer Les Bowen argues that the trade was the right decision, and the team's current situation could be worse:

The fan base is extremely disillusioned, as is. Can you imagine where frustration levels would be if the last 3 years had been suffered with Donovan and Andy piloting the ship, if nothing had ever changed?

Reid and McNabb gave the Eagles some great teams and great seasons, but both of their eras have passed.