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Many questions surronding future Eagles roster

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With a coaching regime chance coming, the Eagles' roster is sure to look much different in 2013.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles are in for a lot of changes come the 2013 offseason.

With head coach Andy Reid all but fired at this point, Philadelphia will be looking to completely overhaul the coaching staff. Many feel that Oregon's Chip Kelly is the favorite for the position at this point.

Regardless of who comes in, they will undoubtedly change up the roster to fit their style, meaning many of the current Eagles are playing their last game for the franchise.

As Paul Demowitch writes about so well over at, the changes will affect all positions on the team, leaving many unanswered questions heading into the future.

Will the new guy want them, or will he want to clean house? What kind of offensive and defensive system will he run? Will it play to their strengths or expose their weaknesses? Will they have to add weight or lose it? Will he protect them publicly as Reid did, or will he throw them under the bus when they screw up?

Some players could also require position changes on defense depending on what kind of front the new coach will employ. For example, Trent Cole might have to stand up and rush the quarterback from an upright position, something he has never really had to do in a 3-4 scheme.