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Penn State recruit Adam Breneman starting school early

Tight end Adam Breneman is one of the reasons to hope for the future of Penn State football, as explained in a feature on his early start to college by Mark Dent at


The Penn St. Nittany Lions have reason to be excited about their future, with tight end recruit Adam Breneman looking forward to joining the school. Breneman enrolled early, wrote Mark Dent at

He'll be up there soon. So soon that he and defensive back recruit Jordan Smith already have planned how to furnish their dorm room. He also has gotten his flu and meningitis shots. He knows his class schedule - economics, theater, math, sociology, and English.

Breneman's first day of college is Jan. 7, 2013. If 2012 was about moving forward, as anyone with an office in the Lasch Building, Bryce Jordan Center, or Old Main said, then 2013 is forward - or at least closer to forward. It is the future.

Breneman's name has been printed at the top of this unwritten decree for the last several months. He represents Penn State's football future.

For the rest of the story on Breneman's recruiting, and what he brings to Penn State, head over to