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Philadelphia 76ers could look at Kenyon Martin for inside help writer John Mitchell believes that adding free agent Kenyon Martin could help the Philadelphia 76ers be more physical in the paint and take some of the load off of Thaddeus Young.

Kevin C. Cox

In the continued absence of center Andrew Bynum, the Philadelphia 76ers' Thaddeus Young has been forced to play inside against much bigger competition. Young has put up some of the best numbers of his careers, averaging 7.3 rebounds and 15.2 points per game. But according to's John Mitchell, the workload of banging inside against stronger players will eventually wear on Young.

Over at, Mitchell writes that adding veteran free agent Kenyon Martin could be a perfect solution to take some of the load off Young. As Mitchell wrote:

Eventually he will wear down under this workload. Young could stand some help, and the perfect guy for the Sixers in this situation would be free agent Kenyon Martin.


Adding Martin would allow the Sixers to deploy more physical lineups - say, Kwame Brown at center, Martin at power forward, and Young at small forward. Just from a versatility standpoint, this would be a boon for the Sixers.