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Eagles reportedly have positive opinion of Chip Kelly

With Andy Reid's team as the head coach in Philadelphia dwindling, many believe Chip Kelly could be the next in line.

Jonathan Ferrey

In the midst of another bitterly disappointing campaign, many fans and media members associated with the Philadelphia Eagles have started to look forward, wondering what could be on the horizon.

It's all but a formality that Andy Reid will be fired, and the question of who replaces him is easily at the top of everyone's list. Over at, Jeff McLane has an excellent piece on why Oregon Ducks coach Chip Kelly is one of the best candidates for the job.

Kelly has been rumored for years to be the next big college name to jump to the pro game, and the timing may be right. According to McLane, the Eagles haven't kept their desire to bring Kelly in a huge secret. It makes sense, considering the type of no-nonsense approach he brings.

There was even this bombshell, per McLane:

A recent report in Pro Football Weekly, albeit with no byline and no context on the source, said that Howie Roseman had already met with Kelly about the job. Whether the Eagles general manager showed bad taste with Reid still employed, he could have met Kelly under the cover of a scouting trip if there was in fact a meeting.

It's tough times for the Eagles right now, but with the correct hire Philadelphia could be back on top rather quickly.