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Eagles will spend most time evaluating quarterback position writer Zach Berman takes a long look at the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback situation, which will be up for much debate this offseason.


The Philadelphia Eagles have a lot to think about in regards to their quarterback position. Michael Vick isn't getting any younger or more durable, and Nick Foles is still a big question mark. Over at, Zach Berman took a look at the quarterback position and says it will be the most scrutinized position this offseason:

No position will receive more debate in the coming weeks than quarterback, where the Eagles continue to evaluate Michael Vick and Nick Foles. New coach Chip Kelly insists he can adapt his offense to the quarterback and does not necessarily need a running threat. Vick's athleticism would help him if Kelly brought his Oregon offense to the Eagles, but Vick's turnover habit and his injury history will be an issue. (Kelly values taking care of the ball and staying in the game.) Kelly coached against Foles in college and has a better idea than most about Foles' ability and whether he's been limited in his career by a struggling team compared to his own shortcomings.