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Temple Reportedly Hires Florida Offensive Coordinator Steve Addazio

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The Philadelphia Daily News is reporting that Temple will hire Florida offensive coordinator Steve Addazio as their next head football coach. A source says that Penn State defensive coordinator Tom Bradley, who many saw as the favorite, was told he would not be the choice. Previous reports had Addazio heading to Texans to be their offensive line coach, so it remains to be seen how true this report is.


Addazio took over one of the better offenses in college football when Dan Mullen left Florida in 2008. Under Addazio, the unit was once again the top in the SEC in 2009, but fell off a cliff this past season. Florida fans blamed a lot of it on Addazio, but clearly the departure of Tim Tebow played a major part in that. Of course, Tebow played a major part in the offense being so good, so it's a double edged sword.


Addazio also had been the interim head coach of Florida when Urban Meyer first took a leave of absence and actually was named 2010 recruiter of the year for his recruiting efforts during that time. Meyer was a big supporter of Addazio.


"Steve Addazio is certainly one of the very best recruiters I've ever been around," Meyer said. "He brings the same passion and excellence to the recruiting trail that he does to coaching on the field. Our guys love him because he connects with them and cares about them, and that's very evident to anyone who spends time around our program."