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Big East Expansion: Temple Conference Realignment 'Imminent' According To Report

Goodbye Atlantic 10, hello Big East?

Just a few short years ago it would have been a mere fantasy to expect Temple to join the ranks of the Big East, yet here we are on the verge of watching it become a reality.

That’s because an invitation for the “Owls” down in Philadelphia is “imminent,” as the conference looks to plug the gaping holes left by Syracuse and Pitt.

The NY Post has more:

In order to try to maintain its automatic BCS berth — the league’s No. 1 priority, said two sources — the Big East is poised to invite two programs that were barely on their radar at the start of the year — Boise State and Temple, The Post has learned.

Boise State has become a recognized brand due to the success of its program, and Temple, which is based in Philadelphia, also the home of Comcast (which recently merged with NBC), suddenly looks very good. The invitations to those two are imminent.

Temple, which has a proven track record in basketball, managed to bring its gridiron gang to a respectable level under former coach Al Golden.

But will they be able to make some noise in the new-look Big East?

Time will tell.

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