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2011 Bowl Projections: Temple Football Bowl Bound

Just a few days ago, the Temple University football team defeated Kent State, 34-16, and the hope among Owl fans was that the eighth victory of the season would be enough to help their chances at earning a bowl invitation. Well, good news Temple fans, as of Sunday many projections have the Owls postseason bound.

Now, the projected bowl invite may not be the most glamorous -- SB Nation's Off Tackle Empire has the Owls playing in the New Mexico Bowl -- or the most interesting -- Scott Dochterman of the Gazette has Temple winding up in the Military bowl -- but the point is, Temple has done enough to earn a postseason invite.

"My projection: Toledo and Temple wind up in New Mexico or Birmingham (BBVA) and WMU heads to Detroit," wrote Graham Couch of the Kalamazoo Gazette on Sunday.

Bowl invitations are traditionally handed out soon after conference championship games are played. If invited, look for Temple to accept an invitation sometime late this week or early next week.