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New Mexico Bowl: Temple Leads Wyoming 28-7 At Halftime

The Owls extended their lead to 21-0 in the second quarter, only to see Wyoming score a late touchdown with 37 seconds remaining in the half to cut the lead to 14. With all the momentum on their side the Cowboys were set to receive the second half kickoff with the chance to trim the Owls lead to a touchdown on the first drive of the third quarter. Instead, Temple answered Wyoming's late score with a score of their own, taking just two plays and 18 seconds off the clock. A blown coverage by the Cowboys defense allowed Rod Streater to break free, who was then hit by Owls quarterback Chris Coyer for a walk-in 61 yard touchdown.

Temple enters the locker room with a 28-7 halftime lead, and all the momentum. The second half of the game can be seen on ESPN and ESPN3. Wyoming will receive the kickoff to begin the third quarter. 

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