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NCAA Basketball Tournament 2011: President Obama's Bracket

Just like last year, President Obama has taken a few minutes to fill out his own presidential brackets for the NCAA Tournament. And just like last year, he's going with the chalk picks with all four No. 1 seeds in his final four. Also just like last year... he's got the Kansas Jayhawks winning it all. The commander-in-chief went 25-7 in the first round last season, but his bracket was blown up when Kansas was upset early. The previous year, he did nail the winner when he picked North Carolina.

His only upset in the East region is Marquette over Xavier. To be fair to the prez, most everyone is picking this region to go as expected. There aren't tons of really good upset picks in the East. In the West region he's got no upsets, but he does have UConn beating San Diego State to reach the Sweet 16. In the Southeast he's got Michigan State and Gonzaga pulling off first-round upsets, but still has Pitt coming out of the region.

"Because they’re in what looks like the weakest bracket in the tournament, I think Pittsburgh is going to pull this one out," he said.

He's got Kansas and Purdue coming out of the Southwest with the Jayhawks winning it all.

 "I picked Kansas last year and I got hurt," Obama said. "But I’m looking at those twins – the Morris brothers – and I think they’ve got depth and experience."