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NCAA Tournament Schedule: Sunday Elite 8 Bracket

Today will see the lat two teams book their places in the Final Four to join UConn and Butler, who both advanced yesterday. Both games are on CBS today and Kansas vs VCU tips off at 2pm. That will be immediately followed by Kentucky vs UNC at 4:55.

Kansas coach Bill Self talked about the challenges of facing an upstart team that they just don't know much about.

"I do think that's a challenge. Certainly, you know, the tournament, the further you go it becomes more draining for your players, too. So the time that we want to put in doing scouting and everything will probably be more condensed and shorter during the season, because the guys have more responsibilities and requirements."

VCU's Shaka Smart says the challenge of preparing for Kansas on short notice isn't much different than if they played in the regular season, they're going to be aggressive.

"If we had a month to prepare for Kansas that stuff wouldn't change. It's not so much the short notice. It's more a matter of finding ways to slow down their personnel and to counteract the terrific system they have. They have a great offensive system and they really get after you offensively. So there's really no correct way to guard Kansas, other than the fact that you've really got to do a great job personnel-wise taking away what they do best. You've got to be aggressive."

The heavyweight matchup of the day and the round as a whole is certainly Kentucky vs North Carolina. The challenge for Kentucky is to find a way to deal with the Tarheels big, talented frontcourt.

North Carolina coach Roy Williams talked about the play of his guys up front.

"Well, our front line of Harrison, John and Tyler have been very productive scoring-wise, rebounding-wise and got better and better as the season has gone along defensively. I think Kendall, Dexter and Leslie and the other guys that come in, add something to the mix, also. We do have length. Z at 7 feet and John 6'10" and Harrison 6'8", we can bother some shots around the basket and also score around the basket."

Kentucky forward Josh Harrellson acknowledged that he's got to do better job defending those guys than he did the last time these teams met.

"Yeah, they create a lot of problems for me. You know, Tyler Zeller, he scored a lot on me. He got me in foul trouble. So hopefully I am going to just try to stay out of foul trouble, play big and play like I did last night. Just play strong and just try to outwork him."

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Southwest Region final, San Antonio: No. 1 Kansas vs. No. 11 VCU, 2 p.m. ET

East Region final, Newark: No. 4 Kentucky vs. No. 2 UNC, 4:55 p.m. ET