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Temple Football Recruiting: Owls Offer John Ferranto

ESPN's recruiting blog is reporting that Temple has extended a scholarship offer to Burlington township offensive lineman John Ferranto.

"Things are starting to pick up a bit," Ferranto said. "I went to Temple's camp on Sunday. I guess I did well enough for them to make an offer to me.

Ferranto is a junior and while he's mostly played defensive end in high school, but at 6'6, 275 pounds colleges are recruiting him as an offensive tackle. In addition to Temple, he also already has an offer on the table from Tulane. He also has a number of workouts and visits set up.

He'll attend a camp at Pittsburgh this weekend, and is scheduled to attend camps at Duke, North Carolina, Villanova, Connecticut and Boston College in June as well. He has already visited Boston College and Connecticut.

His coach at Burlington Township, Tom Maderia says that Ferranto would like to stay relatively close to home, which would play Temple's favor. Burlington is a half hour from the city at best.

"I think he'd like to stay within a five-hour radius," Maderia said. "The big thing is, 'Can mom and dad come see me play? I look at him as a kid who is going to redshirt and by the time he's a sophomore he's going to start. He'll be a two- or three-year starter for you. He's not going to give you any problems on or off the field, and he's a good football player too."