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Temple vs. Pitt score: Owls still trail big, 34-17

After a brutal second quarter, the Temple Owls needed a big third quarter to get back into Saturday's game against the Pittsburgh Panthers. Unfortunately for Temple, the Owls still trail the Panthers by three scores after three quarters, as Pitt leads, 34-17.

The Owls have at least cut into Pitt's lead. Pitt entered the third quarter leading 31-7, but the Owls managed to hold Pitt to a field goal in the third quarter.

Montel Harris was responsible for Temple's third quarter touchdown. Harris rattled off a 14-yard touchdown rush, cutting Pitt's lead down to 31-14.

Since then, the two schools have exchanged field goals.

Even though the Owls cut into the lead, they still have a lot of work to do if they're going to legitimately challenge Pitt on Saturday. Pitt has outgained 368-229 in total yards, and still lead by two touchdowns.

Temple will open the fourth quarter with possession of the ball, as the Owls look to make the game a two-possession game.