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Temple Football: Addazio considering a change at QB?

Temple coach Steve Addazio may be ready to shake up the offense.


The Temple Owls have struggled through their return season to the Big East, leaving some big questions to be answered going into the short- and long-term future.

Head coach Steve Addazio knows that some choices will be larger than others, chief among them the quarterback position. The current starter, Chris Coyer, has been pulled in three of the Owls' last four losses, prompting questions about the future of the position.

Addazio has been steadfast in saying that he has confidence in Coyer, but now he's wavering on who will be under center if things don't get turned around soon, according to

"Chris has made a number of good plays, but at this point, right now, if that's not happening at a good enough rate, then someone else gets an opportunity to do that," Addazio said. "We're going to make sure we've found the right guy to move this football team."

Addazio continued talking about the decision, per

"The quarterback gets too much of the credit and too much of the blame," Addazio said.

Right now, Temple is 3-6 overall (2-4 in the Big East) and going nowhere fast. In some ways, it could be the perfect time to put Clinton Granger in and see what the junior can provide.

It's been a struggle on offense, which has been the unit most responsible for the losing season.