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Big East Expansion: Temple Meeting Cancelled, Joining Big East On Hold

A meeting of Temple's board of trustees that reportedly might have resulted in the acceptance of the school's invitation to the Big East has been cancelled, according to the Temple News, and a meeting to "discuss contracts" has been scheduled in its place. It is unknown why the athletic meeting was cancelled, but now no decision on Temple's athletic future is expected Wednesday.

Temple's board of trustees was supposed to meet Wednesday via conference call to discuss the athletic program, with topics reportedly including whether the school would join the Big East Conference. The school, which participated in the Big East previously before being kicked out of the conference in 2004 for underachieving athletics, has been rumored to be rejoining the conference for the 2012-13 academic calendar as a late replacement for soon-to-be-departing West Virginia.

The school would still have to clear numerous contractual hurdles before accepting the Big East's invitation.

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