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Printable March Madness Bracket 2012

With the field of 68 ready to start dwindling on Tuesday night in venerable Dayton, OH, it's that time of year again.

Whether you play at work with hundreds of people, with a few old college pals or just like to challenge yourself to see how much you know about college basketball, it's time to fill out an NCAA Tournament bracket.

It's really become an American tradition and one of the most gleeful ones. Without March Madness, March in the Northeast would just be terrible for the most part.

Can't find a bracket to start writing down your fine picks? Well, look no further my friend. Click here for our printable 2012 bracket.

It's always nice to have some extra guidance when trying to sort through the tough games and as you can see below, SB Nation has everything under control for you with all sorts of expert opinions.

For regional breakdowns, please follow any of the following four links:

West Region

East Region

Midwest Region

South Region

Also, here's a comprehensive list of our great blogs

For even more March Madness, take just a few quick minutes and fill out a bracket to join our 2012 NCAA Bracket pool to play against some of the network's brightest.

For more NCAA Tournament coverage, be sure to check out our tournament stream, SB Nation's tournament hub and SB Nation Philly. Also make sure to check out our NCAA Tournament Printable Bracket stream. Enjoy the road to New Orleans!