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Obama Bracket 2012: The President Makes His Picks

In what has become a tradition at the White House, President Barack Obama broke out the biggest bracket known to man and made his picks for the fourth straight year.

With ESPN's Andy Katz, Obama selected North Carolina to win it all. This may be good news for Tar Heels fans, since the last time Obama felt that way Roy Williams was cutting down the nets soon thereafter.

The rest of his Final Four consists of Missouri, Kentucky and Ohio State.

The president didn't give overwhelming love to the Philly teams, picking Lehigh to get bounced in the second round by Duke and Temple to advance past USF/California only to be defeated by Michigan.

Obama wasn't upset minded this year, with VCU being his lowest seeded team to win a game as a No. 12.

In a funny quirk, he did pick every 10-seed to beat their counterparts in the second round, but none of which to reach the Sweet Sixteen.

Obama's cinderella is N.C. State, who he believes will reach the regionals.

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