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Printable NCAA Bracket 2012

Any idea what the odds are of predicting a perfect NCAA Tournament bracket? How about one in 100 million trillion? Seriously.

What's it mean? More likely than not, we're all going to slip up somewhere on our bracket and wish we had filled it in in pencil.

Alas, a printable NCAA Tournament Bracket. Perfect for filling in on the go, and, by the way, we'll keep updating the bracket as the games go final.

And if you need help filling out your office pool bracket before the first game tips-off (you've still got time), check out how SB Nation's Bracketologist sees things shaping up.

For more on the 2012 NCAA Tournament bracket, stay with SB Nation's Selection Sunday StoryStream, and stick around SB Nation's NCAA Tournament hub for a complete printable NCAA Tournament bracket and tons of analysis on who was snubbed, who got the best bracket, and who will make it all the way to New Orleans and the Final Four.

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