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Printable NCAA Bracket 2012: Sweet 16 Starts Thursday

It didn't take long for some of our brackets to be busted (like mine), but that doesn't mean you should give up on closely monitoring each of the NCAA Tournament games. In fact, there's no better way to engage yourself in the Sweet 16 action then to take a crack at a new bracket, with the field narrowed down to a quarter of its size.

So go ahead, check out our always updated NCAA Tournament Printable Bracket, fill it out, and see if your new set of picks will come to fruition. If not, toss your bracket, print out a new one, and try it all over again.

Ah, the beauty of March Madness.

For more NCAA Tournament coverage, be sure to check out our tournament stream, SB Nation's tournament hub and SB Nation Philly. Also make sure to check out our NCAA Tournament Printable Bracket stream. Enjoy the road to New Orleans!