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Big East Expansion: Boise State Will Still Join Big East In 2013

The Boise State Broncos will still join the Big East as a football only member in 2013. After a temporary consideration on whether it would be best to remain in the Mountain West Conference, the Broncos have reportedly told the conference that they remain committed to joining the Big East (via CBS Sports).

Boise State was considering staying with the Mountain West as it has had trouble finding a new home for its Olympic sports. In addition, the Broncos were not sure what the Big East membership might look like in the future. The makeup of the conference will be crucial to its next TV contract. The Broncos were expecting a great windfall from that contract but there have been rumors floating that the Big East would receive half of what it turned down during their last negotiations.

If Boise State were to withdraw from the Big East before officially joining the conference, they would pay an exit fee of $5 million.

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