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Temple Owls Football 2012: Offense Struggling Early In Practice

Temple University's football team has struggled during scrimmages.

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The Temple Owls' offensive unit put together another sloppy practice on Saturday, which marks the second time in as many weeks that the team struggled during a scrimmage.

Committing several penalties, failing to execute procedurally and lacking tempo when trying to run plays, the squad collectively acknowledged that they need to make improvements before beginning their season against Villanova in the Mayor's Cup at Lincoln Financial FIeld on Aug. 31.


[Starting quarterback Chris] Coyer thinks some players could have become mentally fatigued after being on the field for an extended period.

"We can't afford to do that this year," he said. "That's something we really got to work on out there on the field.

"It's something we had a little bit more of a problem with some of the younger guys. But it's something our first unit has to work on as well."

In addition, the offense's struggles could have been aided by head coach Steve Addazio's desire to look at some of the team's depth players, opting to sit some of his first-team starters.

"You start doing that stuff, there's no chemistry and cohesiveness," Addazio said. "Nobody's fault. Just sometimes, you get the results that you get and get aggravated."